Be careful with Counterfeit or Imitation Water Ionizers

Be careful with Counterfeit or Imitation Water Ionizers

"I bought different ionizers before Enagic and they were JUNK!

None of them kept going over year and a half!

In those days, as a social insurance specialist, (who looked into on the web, lol), I cautioned my customers not to be sucked into that {Enagic} organization that was so costly.

Indeed, my incredible research wound up as extraordinary exercises for me and ideally, extraordinary guidance for others in what NOT to do!... "

Try not to be tricked by the impersonation or fake ionizer machines that guarantee to be the equivalent or superior to anything the ionizers produced by Enagic. In spite of shrewd internet advertising, publicity and slander erroneously guaranteeing the Enagic ionizers are mediocre or not so extraordinary, I will rather demonstrate you explicit reasons why the Enagic ionizers are prevalent, yet that Enagic is the genuine hero of water ionizers.

Initially, the alleged "rivalry" will attempt to trick individuals with disinformation in to accepting that the Enagic machines cost more on account of the included business opportunity. This business opportunity is naturally included when somebody buys their Enagic water machine, regardless of whether the buyer needs to allude others or not.

This referral program is incorporated at no extra charge or expenses and is discretionary to seek after. You don't need to allude others yet on the off chance that or when you allude somebody, the organization sends you a referral check. As often as possible at that point, as you search the most distant corners of the web, you will run over false data vilifying the individuals who advance Enagic as being insatiable or being trick craftsmen essentially in light of this additional advantage of having the option to get referral checks when an Enagic unit is sold.

Enagic machines really are fabricated with higher quality materials and building than the thump offs, consequently delivering higher quality water, and enduring a more drawn out timeframe, which can in this manner make the cost of Enagic water items higher.

Moreover in any case, the Enagic units might be sold at a more expensive rate than thump offs however cost less generally speaking than these fakes. Since the impersonation machines produce a lower-quality water because of lesser quality materials and building, along these lines bringing about a net revenue or increase that is consistently higher than the Enagic items and furthermore bringing about a shorter timeframe that the inexpensively made item will work creating lesser quality water before breaking, as will be clarified.

The logical name of the ionized water created by the Enagic units is "electrolyzed decreased water". Basically, electrolyzed diminished water is the absolute best water found in nature and can be replicated in the home utilizing a procedure called electrolysis or ionization.

Electrolysis is the utilization of power to change dead acidic water into living, alkalizing water.

I know purchasing a water "machine" appears to be irrational that a "machine" makes characteristic water yet it is the absolute best water found in nature. This procedure of electrolysis, which happens in nature, for example, when lighting strikes, delivers the absolute best earth makes. This absolute best water that nature makes is exceptionally cell reinforcement in addition to other things and can be found in some uncommon or difficult to get to areas around the globe, for example, a notable spring in Lourdes, France or the icy liquefy water discovered high up in the mountains. Enagic ionizer water machines use electrolysis to make this equivalent common cancer prevention agent water crisp regularly in your own home.

The less expensive impersonation machines are very increased more than the Enagic ones. For instance, a "less expensive" $1500 knock-off will regularly have a higher net revenue than the Enagic units since the less expensive machines have lesser quality and lesser exorbitant materials and designing in the assembling of their "Made in Korea" units.

The cost of the Enagic ionizers are not swelled as a result of the referral program however really collapsed because of this referral program. This is the Free Market in real life. On the off chance that Enagic water machines were sold in stores they would genuinely cost $10,000 or more.

The restorative evaluation platinum, utilized on the plates that lead the electrical charge through the water, costs about $2,000 an ounce. The increase on the Enagic water machines are under multiple times. Though numerous retail items found in stores have mark-ups from multiple times up to multiple times, for example, filtered water. It just costs 1 penny to fabricate the plastic container and fill it with dead, acidic water but these jugs much of the time sell for about $1. That is an increase of multiple times in this situation.

Here is a rundown of some standard imprint ups I have found for various items.

* Athletic Shoes

Production Cost: $1

Cost Sold: $100

Increase: multiple times

* Bottled Water

Assembling Cost: 1 penny

Cost Sold: 99 pennies

Increase: multiple times


Assembling Cost: 70 pennies

Cost Sold: $19.99

Increase: multiple times

* Furniture

Production Cost: $100

Cost Sold: $799

Increase: multiple times

* Building Construction

Assembling Cost: $200,000

Cost Sold: $1 Million

Increase: multiple times

* Enagic Ionizer Model SD501

Assembling Cost: $1400

Cost Sold: $3980

Increase: 2.85 occasions

So in light of the fact that there is the referral program included then the expense of these gadgets is really determined down as individuals speak with one another home to home, family to family, companion to companion, heart to heart and spread the uplifting news about this Living water.

At present you can likewise back the units for as low as $45 per month.

Dr. Michael Donaldson said he purchased or attempted around 9 different machines from various organizations and the one in particular that created the water that worked was the Enagic SD501. Flabbergasted that the ionized water delivered by the Enagic units worked when the water from different machines didn't, he examined to discover why.

What's more, since that time, the Enagic K8 model turned out after the SD501.

There are 3 principle things Dr. Michael Donaldson found that you need to search for when looking at ionizers.

1. Nature of the cathode plates.

2. Absolute surface zone of the plates.

3. Power supply.

Knock-off machines have a second rate power supply. You need a great deal of power to appropriately rebuild the water on the sub-atomic level and sever the hydrogen particle from the H2O water atom.

The SD501 has 230 Watts, 2.5 amps and 623 sq centimeters of surface zone on the plates.

Ordinarily, I have discovered knockoffs have less amps when contrasted with the Enagic ionizers and less surface region on their cathode plates and lower quality metals utilized for their plates.

I asked one contender, that every now and again disparages Enagic, what number of amps their machines have and they said they didn't have an inkling.

They would never address my inquiry concerning what number of amps their machines have.

Also, it's fine in the event that they are being straightforward and truly don't have the foggiest idea about a response to an inquiry. Be that as it may, I would value it on the off chance that they would in any event attempt to discover the appropriate response, which is the sound judgment activity on the off chance that you are attempting to acquire business from a client. Notwithstanding, in addition to the fact that they failed to try and endeavor to genuinely respond to my inquiry however they turned out to be inconsiderate and amateurish as they persistently called me names trying to menace and scare me. All since I was asking what number of amps their machines have.

When they inquired as to why I needed to know what number of amps their machines have. I clarified that once I discovered the quantity of amps, at that point I could decide what number of Potential Electrolysis Units (PEUs) their machines produce.

The recipe is Amps duplicated by Watts increased by Square Surface Area of the Plates (A x W x Sa = PEUs). When you increase watts by amps by surface territory you get a unit of electrical estimation called a PEU which represents Potential Electrolysis Unit.

What's more, this is the key: You need at least 250,000 PEU's to make stable ionized water.

This is so significant so allowed me to rehash: In request to make stable ionized water you need at least 250,000 PEU's (Potential Electrolysis Units)

This contending organization dishonestly revealed to me the equation is watts duplicated by plates. This is inaccurate supposing that you have "up to" 800 watts as they guaranteed yet only.5 amps then that decreases fifty-fifty the measure of wattage provided.

Also, what does "up to" 800 watts mean? It is possible that you have 800 watts or you don't. I'll return to this inquiry in the blink of an eye with the appropriate response about why they state "up to" a specific number.

At that point when you make sense of that their plates are littler, you will see they don't have 250,000 PEUs.

So since these impersonation machines need more electrical power, at that point they can't appropriately ionize the water and consequently they ordinarily should include inorganic minerals to the water when it goes through their channels to falsely raise the pH, like heating pop (sodium bicarbonate).

On the opposite side of things, the Enagic model SD501 water machine has 230 Watts x 2.5 Amps x 623 cm of square surface plate region = 358,225 PEUs.

The SD501 has 358,225 PEU's.

In correlation, thump offs normally just have around 15,000 PEU's or about 4% of the power that the SD501 supplies.

4% isn't sufficient to make stable ionized water, consequently contenders add inorganic minerals to the water when the water courses through their channels to make the water "basic" since they need more power to take care of business. Or then again at the end of the day, the water grabs inorganic minerals when it moves through one of the channels that contains inorganic minerals, which are intended to be gotten by the water to falsely raise the pH.

There is a distinction among soluble and alkaLIZED.

Ionized water is alkaLIZED meaning the water is rebuilt on a sub-atomic level through power. The H2O particle has been part into H2 and - OH. This electrical procedure of rebuilding the water particles is called electrolysis. The H2 is diatomic hydrogen or disintegrated hydrogen, which is an unrivaled cell reinforcement. Also, the - OH I
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